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Types of Water Heaters for Your New Jersey Home

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There are many different types of water heaters, and deciding on which kind is best for you depends on your specific needs. All water heaters have various strengths and weaknesses—some may be extremely energy efficient, and others are able to provide you with instant hot water at all times.


It’s worth taking a minute to familiarize yourself with all of the various kinds of waters before you begin making a decision about which is best for your New Jersey home.


Here are the types of water heater that you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Storage tank water heaters
  • High-efficiency tanks
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Combo Systems


In this article, we’ll help you navigate these water heaters so that you have a better understanding of why they would or wouldn’t be great for your home.


Storage Tank Water Heaters

Storage tank water heaters are the most widely used in the US. They hold around 20 to 100 gallons of water at a time, which is sufficient for most homes. Some may feature more insulation, which reduces heat loss and increases efficiency.


  • Benefits of storage tank water heaters
    • They’ll provide you with instant hot water.
    • Depending on the capacity of the tank, high water pressure ca last longer.
    • They have an average life span of 10-12 years.
    • They can run multiple appliances at the same time.


High Efficiency Water Heaters

High efficiency water heaters can be up to 40% more efficient than standard models. These water heaters have more insulation, as well as heat traps to reduce heat loss. They also features like electronic ignitions, which means that you don’t need to continuously have a pilot light lit.

If you’re concerned with the energy efficiency of your New Jersey home, this type of water heater can help you increase it significantly.


Tankless Water Heaters

Also referred to as “on-demand” water heaters, tankless water heaters don’t store heated water like storage tank systems do, but instead heat the water as you need it. These can be added to a traditional water heater for maximized efficiency, or they can be your New Jersey home’s only source of hot water.


  • Benefits of tankless water heaters
    • These types of water heater can reduce the amount fuel consumption in your New Jersey home by as much as 30%.
    • They’re great for compact living spaces, as they won’t take up any floor space.
    • Because water isn’t kept constantly heated, they can reduce your energy consumption significantly.


Combo Water Heating Systems

Combo (or integrated) heating systems use a single hot water tank to provide domestic hot water as well as space heating.

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