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Tips On Saving Energy In Your NJ Home

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solar powerEvery day, we notice all the energy-wasting machines around the house like the television, lights, kitchen appliances, air conditioning equipment, computers, gadgets, and more. We think about where in the world our energy dollars are going so we try to make good choices by buying energy-saving equipment.

What most people overlook in terms of energy consumption is the expense that comes with water heaters. Every day, we need hot water but that lonely tank in the closet or garage just sits there getting ignored.

Did you know that around 30% of a household’s energy expense comes from the average hot water heater? The sad fact is that it could be more. Of course, you have to have hot water to clean, bathe, and sanitize with so what can you do about cutting back the energy bill? Well, the pros at Water Heaters NJ have a few tips that can help you save energy.

Modern Energy-Efficient Water Heaters To Replace The Old One

Like most of our energy efficient appliances, water heaters themselves have dramatically improved over the years. When it’s time to replace an old water heater, considering the purchase price alone will never work for you. You should also consider other things like the costs involved in operating the machine. Since the old water heater has to be replaced at some point, this is an opportunity to plan ahead now so you can save a good deal on the energy bill over the long-term.

Comparably speaking, a water heater is similar to a car. Some can run a good distance on a gallon of gas while other do better. And no car that is dirty and ill-maintained will be able to perform well. In the same way, some water heaters are able to exploit energy more efficiently compared to other models. And a well-maintained water heater will always outperform a dirty one.

On average, a water heater life expectancy is about 13 years. This means you have a decent decade or so after installing a new one before you have to replace it. If you replace it with a water heater that saves energy, you will surely enjoy it for years to come. Even if the realized savings are only a dollar per month, you can treat yourself to a $12 per year savings by replacing the old tank with one built today.

Gas Or Electric Water Heater?

Every household is different as is every regional climate zone. What works for one will not necessarily work well for others. Also, there are energy cost fluctuations in fossil fuels and electricity to take into account. You’ll also consider whether or not you already have the gas lines installed and whether or not you would need a propane tank to run a gas water heater. Whichever fuel is most easily available and economical in your area should determine which to install. The most convenient source of fuel at the lowest cost is the most obvious choice in choosing a water heater that runs on gas over electricity.

Solar Water Heaters?

Solar hot water systems are getting more attention these days from consumers. For decades now, the sun’s heat has been harnessed for different uses in the home including to heat water. This solar energy concept for heating water is becoming more common in many areas with some countries now making them mandatory. However you look at it, solar powered water heaters will be more common in the future.

Tankless Water Heaters – Why Choose Them?

Tankless water heaters provide instant hot water on demand very efficiently. They do not constantly heat water in a tank all day and all night but only when you turn on the hot water tap. Remember what we mentioned about water heaters using about 30% of the household’s energy? A tankless water heater can cut this percent in half. Saving 15% can result in about $80 annually. They last around 20 years vs. the tank water heaters which last only about 15. Plus, they are much easier to maintain.

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