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Utica Boilers logoMany homes still rely on late model boilers and furnaces to provide heat. In addition to the reliability issues inherent with older equipment, these systems are significantly less energy efficient than the ones available today.

For example, many old boilers are rated at only 50-55% AFUE, Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, a standard government efficiency rating. In these homes, 45-50 cents of every heating dollar is wasted by system inefficiencies. Compare this to new boiler efficiencies of 84-87%. A new boiler can cut energy costs by 1/3, paying for itself in fuel savings in the first two to three years. And in homes converting from electric to hot water heat, fuel costs can be cut by over 50%.

Below are a few of the Utica Boilers that we offer to New Jersey homeowners and businesses.

BC Series Boiler

If you’re a cost-conscious New Jersey homeowner, you’ll love the modest price of the BC Series boiler. You’ll also love its cast iron construction and high efficiency ratings.

The BC Series has an efficiency of 86%, making it the perfect boiler for an upgrade or replacement for any homeowner looking to add comfort to their home and interested in years of great performance.

SW Utica Boiler

If you use an oil-fired water boiler, you can’t beat the efficiency, reliability, or ease of the SE side wall vent. It’s easy to access and maintain, thanks to a sturdy swing door that allows for quick and easy inspection. It has a high efficiency rating of 86% thanks to clever design that works to maximize heat transfer.

The SW is also available as an optional tankless water heater coil.

MGB Utica Series

This boiler is the ideal choice for New Jersey homeowners. It’s able to vent vertically through a chimney thanks to its advanced heat exchangers. That, combined with a flue damper and an electronic ignition helps it achieve the efficiency rating of 84.1%.

USC Series

The two best qualities of the USC Series boiler are its high efficiency rating and easy, flexible installation. New Jersey homeowners will love the simple, time-proven heat transfer technology that’s enhanced with quality components like stainless steel burners and cast iron heat exchangers.

PEG-C Utica

If you’re looking for the best in steam boilers, you can’t do much better than the PEG-C Series. It boasts high energy efficiency ratings that help lower your heating costs, and it represents the finest in cast-iron steam boiler construction. For durability, efficiency, and reliability, the PEG-C Series can always be trusted.

The Water Heaters NJ Promise

Our Products are designed, tested and assembled to ensure that you get the very best in home heating and cooling comfort and value. Each one meets or exceeds all recognized safety, performance and efficiency standards.

Water Heaters NJ has installations done by Riteway Plumbing & Electrical Contractors (Plumbing Lic # 1233 and Electrical Lic # 1706 Contractors Lic 6200).

If you have any Boilers questions please feel free to call. We are here serving New Jersey and all their boiler needs. Even if it’s just a quick Boiler question, we would like hear from you NJ.

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